Another beginning….

Lakeside started yet another new beginning and so have Meena and Arvind. After many a beautiful dawn and dusk spent at Lakeside, it should only be right that the new owners would be those that spent multiple years slowly falling in love with it. Pete and Dorinda’s meticulous and helpful nature along with the dedicated,hard-working staff have made the transition an easier process.  Gucci, our not-so-little mutt, is also settling into the post that Perry, the Balchin’s rottweiler, held.

There is always a lot of space to improve and grow in any sphere. The changes are underway with some having been implemented already and some taking shape on paper. With plenty of amazingly fertile soil around, our veggie garden flourishes and brings us a little closer to our land . We use mainly open-pollinated seeds from within our region for our local veggies. Attempting salad leaves and other herbs from seeds sourced through friends and family abroad is currently in the process and we await the results.

Testing different recipes is a whole lot of fun and challenging as we are limited in our choice of ingredients in a small village in India. We are lucky to have plenty of fresh seasonal fruit and veggies available to us throughout the year.  We have also re-furnished and are slowly changing the decor. Little personal touches in the rooms to make the guests feel more loved is also bringing out the creativity in Lakeside. With a muse as lovely as this, inspiration isn’t hard to come by.

 An earth-construction is also in the process to create a small health-center to stimulate both body and mind with relaxation treatments, yoga, a space to work in and explore the creative side. We also want to encourage our local artists and artisans by offering them a space to display and maybe even spend some time working on their craft at Lakeside.

Our wish is to create a little haven where people can physically and mentally enter another reality sans the drudgery of everyday life. To resurface, take a breath and feel connected to our environment  and ourselves in a more meaningful way.