Responsible Tourism

Southern India has crowded, polluted cities but also the most beautiful, lush landscapes. We are lucky enough to live in one of these beautiful spots and feel we have a certain responsibility that comes with it. Here are some of the things we do out of respect for our little paradise:

  • Lakeside has a single- story main building with strategically placed cottages designed to blend into the natural landscape. The main house has an open living area which draws in cooling breezes from the lake thus reducing the need for A/c and fans.
  • Plants in our garden attract bees, birds and squirrels. We have bee boxes set up in the wooded areas of the property which provide us delicious honey throughout the year.
  • We try to grow as much of our own food as we can in the kitchen garden
  • At present 4 acres of the property is left natural and we have various visitors- mongoose, deer, wild boar, porcupines, bats, hare among others.
  • Our staff sort the waste of which, glass, plastic, paper and metal is collected by a recycling man and the food waste goes into the compost which is then used for our lovely veggie garden and nursery. Sewage is dealt with using septic tanks.
  • The water at Lakeside is drawn through bore-wells. The drinking water is then filtered and treated with UV to reduce the usage of plastic bottles for mineral water.
  • We encourage the guests to save water and electricity as much as possible. We also encourage guests to change towels and sheets every other day and not everyday to reduce the consumption of laundry detergent. 
  • Solar panels on the roof of the main house provide hot water for the guestrooms and kitchens (filtered and UV treated). It is very rare that electricity is used to heat water.
  • Much of the stone used in the main house is from the property when it was cleared for building , allowing it to blend in the natural surrounding.
  • Most of the material used in construction, cooking, furnishing,  etc is locally sourced.
  • As part of a larger community, we provide the police meals and rest during the annual Sadayandi Temple Festival which gathers about 2 lakh people a year.
  • Our employees, whether the permanent staff or temporary labour/contractors, are mostly from in and around Athoor.